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Verwoerd Ceramics Online   


Many of the contemporary necklaces and bracelets created by the Verwoerd Ceramics Studio could be viewed as originals, in particular the models of which only a few copies have been produced. In this Gallery we show a small selection of real “unica” objects, in the sense that of each model only one specimen exists.

Verwoerd never stopped experimenting with new forms and techniques. It is amazing that he found the time to engage in these experiments, as the average number of medallions that had to be painted each working day must have been close to 300. The actual number on a typical painting day may have been considerably higher, in view of all other time consuming stages of the production process. It is not unrealistic to assume that some of the experimental work has been done during the recession years, 1957-1958, and after 1976, when the workshop had closed its doors. This could be a subject for further study.

Top row, from left to right:
1. Small ochre vase, 6cm
2. Small white and blue vase, chamotte, 6cm
3. Balloon vase, terra cotta, 26cm

Bottom row:
1. Triangular flask, engobe technique, 8cm
2. White and blue bowl, Ø 15.5cm