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Verwoerd Ceramics Online is a Knowledge Center on Delft jewelry. It undertakes to collect, study, preserve, and exhibit original specimens from the former Verwoerd Ceramics Studio of Gouda, Netherlands, and other major manufacturers of Delft jewelry. Its collection includes Delft jewelry medallions, miniature clay pipes, and contemporary ceramic art jewelry. We aim at sharing our knowledge with professional dealers and serious collectors who want to learn more about Delft jewelry, distinguish between hand painted and printed Delft, and recognize and appreciate the beauty of the best hand painted Delft miniatures. Our helpdesk stands ready to assist both public museums and private owners in establishing the provenance of collections and individual Delft jewelry items.

The Compact Guide
To Delft Jewelry Signatures

Interpreting signatures on many Delft medallions isn't straightforward. If there is a signature, it may simply say 'Delfts' or 'Delfts Holland'. Any addition is a bonus. This is especially true for the specialist producers of Delft stones, such as Verwoerd, Van Katwijk, and Olthuysen. However, even the 'Specialists' can be recognized through the particular manner in which they have marked their Delft...

Dutch and Schoonhoven Silver Marks
In 1953 Dutch assay marks have been adjusted to internationally accepted standards, thus creating a clear division of silver items produced before and after that event. Moreover, as Delft jewelry usually has a silver setting crafted in the Dutch city of Schoonhoven, there is valuable dating information in the Schoonhoven silversmiths Maker's Marks...

The Gouda Pottery List
The Verwoerd Ceramics Studio was certainly not the only Gouda pottery that has been started or revived after WW2. Although most companies have ceased to exist by now, our section of Gouda region potteries presents an overview of over 150 companies that have been active after 1945...


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Delft jewelry
Delft Jewelry - or Delft Jewellery, if you prefer the BE spelling - is the common name for costume jewelry featuring Delft medallions in a silver setting. Delft silver filigree jewelry can be seen as a marriage of Delft miniature paintings, mostly from the city of Gouda, and silver filigree from nearby Schoonhoven...

The Verwoerd Studio (1949-1976)
After WW2 Cornelis Verwoerd establishes his own ceramics workshop in Gouda by the name of "C.Verwoerd Keramiek Atelier", and specializes in the production of miniature Delft medallions for application in silver jewelry, like brooches, bracelets, and pendants. His work stands out - even in comparison with other hand painted specimens - because of its painterly quality...

Manufacturing Delft Medallions
How exactly are they made? Are they pottery or porcelain? Are they signed, and what does the signature tell us? All you should know about manufacturing Verwoerd Delft medallions...

Museum Helpdesk
Have you got a question on Delft medallions? Do you want to know if your item is by the Verwoerd Studio? If not, does the maker feature in our Delft Signatures Guide or in The Gouda Pottery List? Don't hesitate to contact our helpdesk...