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The Gouda Pottery List

The Verwoerd Ceramics Studio (1949-1976) was certainly not the only Gouda pottery that has been started or revived after World War 2. Both the end of the war and a newly sprung supply of affordable electrically heated pottery kilns have caused a brief but impressive revival of the Gouda pottery industry. Today most companies have ceased to exist, although there are some exceptions - companies that found a solution for survival in the post-handpainting era - such as Montagne Aardewerk, Royal Goedewaagen, and Schoonhoven Keramiek. This section presents an overview of some 150 predominantly small potteries that have been active after 1945 in the Gouda region, i.e. the area originally covered by the Gouda Chamber of Commerce, and that includes Gouda, Gouderak, Haastrecht, Moordrecht, Schoonhoven, Reeuwijk, Waddinxveen, Boskoop, and Bodegraven.

This graph shows the approximate distribution of Gouda potteries over the years 1940-2009. The steep fall in the mid 70's is caused by the "Sanering", a scheme operated by the Commodity Board for the Pottery Industry aimed at sanitizing the ailing sector. Small pottery owners that closed down, received a monthly allowance provided that they would not engage in the pottery business again.

Although some of larger plateel factories, like Zenith, and Schoonhoven, have ventured into the production of Delft brooch panels, only a few companies made it their core business. Van Katwijk, who left Plateelbakkerij Schoonhoven after the war, pioneered this in 1946. Unfortunately his untimely death in 1952 would affect the future course of events. Although the workshop continued under the name Van Katwijk, and kept the VK signature, its output quality varied a lot. Verwoerd who admired Frans van Katwijk, and who held similar quality principles, had by then made an excellent name in this niche market. While the Verwoerd workshop remained faithful to the production of high quality hand painted Delft medallions until its closure in 1976, some other companies choose price or quantity for their main selling points. The Van Katwijk Studio is known to have produced screen printed Delft stones as early as 1956. Even Porceletti, that since long held a labor-saving approach towards painting, had moved fully to transfer printing by 1968.

Please be advised that it is not allowed to use the information presented on this site without written permission and proper acknowledgement. This list of Gouda potteries has been compiled on the basis of the VCO archives, and additional fact finding. Our research is deeply indebted to Ron Tasman and his inspiring publication "The Gouda Pottery Book" (ISBN 987 90 76940 36 6). Verwoerd Ceramics Online is extremely grateful for the kind permission of Mr.Tasman to build on his research. We also like to thank Friggo Visser, senior editor of the GPB and curator of the Keramisch Museum Goedewaagen in Nieuw Buinen, and Gouda decorator and pipe maker Kees Moerings for their helpful comments. Even so, we don't pretend that our list of Gouda region potteries is either complete or perfect. There is always more to be rediscovered. If you have any information that could help improving the list, please contact the VCO helpdesk

Please note that this list is quite long. If you are searching for a particular name or expression on this page, you may want to use Ctrl+F (press the Ctrl key, while you hit F) or use an equivalent short cut on your computer.

Gouda region
potteries after WW2
Gouda address
unless otherwise noted
Active Owners Product range

A. Hofstede Onder de Boompjes 46
1951 Kllimopstraat 2
1952 Bodegraafse-
straatweg 94
A Hofstede
1960 Ms JJ de Zwart-Blauw
Plateel and souvenirs
A.W. Moerings, Goudse Pottenbakkerij and Pijpenmakerij 1963 Hovenierskade
1964 Lange Willemsteeg 14
1978 Peperstraat 76
Adrie Moerings Modern pottery and traditional Gouda clay pipes
Adjoka, Keramische industrie (incorporating Kunstaardewerkfabriek Excelsior) Nieuwe Haven
later Zeugestraat 36 (formerly the premises of D vd Kist)
1950- AA (Ad) Reparon,
J (Jo) Reparon
later AA Reparon
Blue Delft, household and luxury pottery
Amfora Keramiek
(not to be confused with Amphora)
Groenendaal 98
later Wachtelstraat 18
later Nieuwe Gouwe WZ 1C
A (Ton) Ruigrok,
PCM Ruigrok-Verkerk
Animo, Aardewerkfabriek (later Aardewerkfabriek Animo BV, N.J. Montagne & Zn, later Aardewerkfabriek Montagne) Boelekade 70-72
1980 Middelblok 134b, Gouderak
1952- NJ and KF Montagne
later KF Montagne
later R Montagne
Hand painted and screen printed Delft, souvenirs, promotional and luxury goods
Anjo, Kunstaardewerkfabriek Gouwe 49
1955 Keizerstraat 7
1961 Spechtstraat 19b, Rotterdam
1951- J van Maasakker,
L van Pelt
1952 J van Maasakker
1953 J van Maasakker
G de Koning
1955 J Bakker
1961 J vd Pol (see also "ROPE")
Anthonie, Aardewerkfabriek Peperstraat 130
1946 Kunstaardewerkfabriek
L. Schouten
1950 Kunstaardewerkfabriek Arca
Raam 137
1950 Derde kade 166
1952 Turfmarkt 85
1961 Bodegraafse-
straatweg 93-94
L Schouten, S de Lange Jr, A Helmond
1946 L Schouten, A Helmond
1950 Arie Catel (Arca)
Blue Delft and plain colored pottery, painted and sprayed
Astra, Kunstaardewerkfabriek; Dikhooff en de Jong Turfmarkt 95 1949-
Vincent Dikhooff †'54
Adrianus de Jong
Luxury and household pottery
Astrid, Aardewerkfabriek F.W. Reitzstraat 1a
1994 Gouderaksedijk 41
1998 Domela Nieuwenhuisstraat 5
James Wattstraat 5
Cent Vermeer,
Cornelis Vermeer
Printed and hand painted Delft, souvenirs
Bego Gouwe 5
1955 Lombardsteeg 16
1957 Oosthaven 35
J van den Berg
Blom, Gebroeders (later Pottenbakkerij Kees Blom) Kattensingel 7-15 1953- CJ Blom
L Blom
Flowerpots, vases, luxury pottery
't Bobbertje, Keramisch Atelier Gouderaksedijk 31 (same address as
S.J.O. Verweij-Heus)
Bonaparte Keramiek Warmoezierskade 1 1983- Lucas and Jasper Florijn Rhodian style pottery
C. Jonker & Zn, NV Groothandel en Aardewerkfabriek v/h Turfsingel 61 1827-
JC Jonker Luxury and household pottery, blue and polychrome Delft, wholesale of Dutch and imported pottery, glass
C. Verwoerd Keramiek Atelier

J.P. Heyestraat 1 1949-
Cornelis Verwoerd Miniature clay pipes, ceramic jewelry. Delft brooch panels. For all models see our Windmill Series and Rare Delft Designs
C.F. van Eijk, Pottenbakkerij Komijnsteeg 37
1963 Peperstraat 74
1964 Raam 256
1966 Westhaven 26
Celia Fijdina van Eijk
1960 Ms CF van Eijk and Ms MHT Apon
1963 Ms CF van Eijk
Hand thrown pottery
C.P. van der Pool, Aardewerkfabriek Hoefsteeg 6 1937-
AM van der Pool †'64
CP van der Pool

Delft luxury, household, and souvenir articles
Carpe Diem, Aardewerkfabriek Weth. Venteweg 88
Cero, Aardewerkfabriek
1964 " 't Is altijd wat "
1967 Cero, Firma C.B. Signer en R.C. van Zanten
Lem Dulsteeg 26
1964 Hovenierskade 4
1967 Turfsingel 53
CB Signer, WJ Versluis
1964 CB Signer
1967 CB Signer,
RC van Zanten
1968 CB Signer
Crabeth, Pottenbakkerij;
Bicknese en Bennis
Bogen 6
Achter de Vismarkt 1b
Cornelis Ketelstraat 43
1948 Olga Bicknese, Johan Bennis
1951 Johan Bennis
Art pottery, tile tableaux, souvenirs, gift articles
D. Boon 1954
Van Middelantstraat 10
Van Swietenstraat 21
Zuidelijke Steijnkade 23
Dirk Boon
D. de Pater & Zn. Gouwe 146-148 1930-
De Anjer, Pottery Fluwelensingel 98a 1947-
Ph Burghoorn,
PB v Jeveren
Luxury pottery, services, souvenir, and gift articles
De Distel, NV Pottenbakkerij (take-over by Goedewaagen 1925) 1911 Valckenierstraat 83-87, Amsterdam
(formerly Nieuwe Lijnbaansgracht 35-37)
1923 Jaagpad 8, Gouda
1895- (See Goedewaagen) Tile tableaux, memorial plates, mosaics
De Drietand, Aardewerkfabriek (later Kunstatelier De Drietand) Wilhelminastraat 27
1980 Stavorenweg 5
TC Boot,
CA Boot, R Boot
René Boot, Eric Boot
Corporate gift articles, sports prizes
De Egel, Pottery Provincialeweg 50, Haastrecht 1953-
Jan & Carla "Klaas" van Dam Hand thrown decorative pottery and florist articles
De Eik, Aardewerkfabriek Baanstraat 28 1964-
LW Eikenboom †'71
1971 LJ Eikenboom-Vos
De Gebroeders, Kunstaardewerkfabriek (may have been renamed Keramiek De Gebroeders) Rozendaal 9-13
(later Middelblok 114d, Gouderak?)
Cups and saucers
De Gentiaan, Aardewerkfabriek Turfmarkt 105a
1953 moved to Gorinchem
1952- JG Bloot
1953 S Brandse
De Hoop, Aardewerkfabriek G. vd Kist & Zonen Kuiperstraat
later Raam 278
Gerrit vd Kist & Sons
1954 W vd Kist, AH vd Kist, J Smeenk
1973 AH vd Kist, Ms MD vd Kist-Hunnegs
De IJssel, Kunstaardewerkfabriek Beneden Haastrecht D23
1949 Provincialeweg West 58, Haastrecht
R van Duivendijk Luxury pottery
De Iris, Plateelfabriek (formerly J.M. Montagne & Co; also active under trade name "IGEJA") Keizerstraat 1-3
1927 Karnemelksloot 44-46a
JM Montagne
1926 NJ Montagne-van Hofwegen
1940 JM Montagne Jr
Luxury and Gouda style pottery, tile tableaux, memorial  plates
De Jong's Pijpen en Aardewerkfabrieken Gouwe, Gouda
after 1945 Kleiweg 42
later Wilhelminastraat 10
F de Jong (later AC de Jong, Ms P de Jong) Tobacco pipes and souvenir pipes, decorative pottery
De Klaproos, Aardewerkfabriek Derde Kade 168
1954 Derde Kade 170
JJM de Korte
De Kleine Winst, Pottery (aka Old Dutch Ceramics) Baanstraat 26
later Raam 100
Jacobus van Dam
later Jan van Dam, who in 2000 sold to Montagne
(see "Animo")
Blue, polychrome and white Delft, Gouda style pottery
De Korenbloem, Aardewerkatelier Van Strijenstraat 46
1993 moved to Merellaan 163, Capelle a/d IJssel
1961- 1985 Izaäk vd Knijff Decorative pottery
De Kruik, Plateelfabriek Kuiperstraat 50-52 (main office Molenstraat 18, Tilburg) 1953-
WJJL van Helfteren, JACM Melkert-van Helfteren
1953 WJJL van Helfteren
Delft and Gouda style pottery
De Pit, Potterie Joubertstraat 214 1967-
J Snaterse (see also "Tiko") Luxury pottery
De Raaf, Aardewerkfabriek
See also predecessor "Prins & Co" at the same address
Graaf van Bloisstraat 24a c.1967- A Broer, F Langerak (later only Aad Broer) Delft souvenirs, lamps, tile tableaux
De Schollevaar, Eerste Lekkerkerkse Aardewerkfabriek Schoolweg 22, Lekkerkerk
1958 Schoolweg 1
1960 Achterstraat 22
G de Vries, CA vd Maat, JM den Ouden
1957 JM den Ouden
1960 G de Vries
1961 Inventory sold to M Vrolijk, Alphen a/d Rijn
De Stulp, Keramisch Atelier Nieuwdorperweg E21, Reeuwijk
1952 Derde Kade 166, Gouda
R vd Heuvel, JP Slinger, W Huisman
1951 JP Slinger,
JW de Wit, A de Wit
1952 JP Slinger,
A Verkaik, MJ de Wit
1952 A Meijer,
W Meijer
De Vijf, Aardewerkfabriek Gouderaksedijk 9-11
1974 Hoogstraat 64, Haastrecht
J Voerman
1970 AS Blom
Pottery wholesale
De Vink, Keramiek
(see also Uniek-De Vink)
Karekietstraat 9
Studio Lage Gouwe 192
1963- JF de Vink Decorative and household pottery, Delft jewelry cabs, souvenirs
De Vlinder, Aardewerkfabriek Spieringstraat 59 1963-
N Faaij, C Nederlof
1964 C Nederlof
Decorative, household, and art pottery
De Wielewaal Van Persijnstraat 8
De Wierend Derde Kade 96 1953- Daniel vd End
1954 Mr Wierings
Unfired pottery
De Witte Kees Kuiperstraat 47 c.1970-
Kees Moerings
(brother of Adrie M.)
Clay pipe souvenirs and gift articles
De Zwaluw Da Costakade 10 1954-
JJ vd Zwaluw, B Meijer
1955 JJ vd Zwaluw
't Delftsche Huys
Incorporating Potterie Oud-Delft, Nijmegen 1921-1996
(see also Goudse Zeefdruk Industrie)
1981 Bodegraven
1986 Henegouwerweg 26, Waddinxveen
1981- RFM Wickerhoff,
RMMP Schaeffer
1991 RFM Wickerhoff
Delft and modern gift articles and commemoratives
Dhie Ghouwe, Aardewerkfabriek Hoge Gouwe 143 1960's R Hoegen
Die Ghoude, Pottery Turfmarkt 100 1963-
C Nieveld Jr
E.W.A., Eerste Waddinxveense Aardewerkfabriek Henegouwerweg 16, Waddinxveen 1951-
PC Bostelaar,
Teunis Pijpers
1953 PC Bostelaar
Decorative, household, and art pottery
Ed. Antheunis, Kunstaardewerkfabriek Prins Hendrikstraat 30
1917 Kuiperstraat 31
1920 Raam 40
1910- CE Antheunis Figurines, Gouda style plateel
Elshof, Kunstaardewerkfabriek Kerkweg 10, Waddinxveen 1952-
Cups and saucers
Ergo, Aardewerkfabriek Peperstraat 30
1974 Peperstraat 36-46
Daniël Ernst
1971 Ms BJ de Wit-vd Heuvel
Mainly white glazed florist articles
Erica, Aardewerkfabriek Raam 10 (office Karnemelksloot 77)
1971 Raam 64
AJ van der Wal Luxury pottery and souvenirs
Este, Keramisch Atelier Catsveld 75
Excelsior, Aardewerkabriek v.h. D vd Kist
(See also Adjoka)
Zeugestraat 36 -1950 D vd Kist
Flora, Kunstaardewerkfabriek
1953 Plateelbakkerij Flora
1974 Flora Keramiek
1993 merger with Goedewaagen-Gouda
1945 Stolwijkersluis B262 (later renamed Gouderaksedijk 33)
1980 Handelsstraat 57, Hardenberg
1993 Glaslaan 29a, Nieuw Buinen
1939) 1945-
PA Eikenboom Sr
F Eikenboom Jr
PA Eikenboom Jr
(see also "Modica")
Luxury and household pottery, gift articles, figurines
G.A. Born, Aardewerkfabriek Schoolstraat 59,
G.A. Born Blue Delft and polychrome pottery
G.H. Suur
aka "De Steenroos"
Kerkstraat 8, Schoonhoven 1976-
Gerrit Suur Hand painted, and semi hand painted blue and polychrome Delft
Gees van Vliet, Keramiek Turfmarkt 130-132 1990-
Ms Geertrui Josina Goetheer-van Vliet
Gemo, Kunstaardewerkfabriek
24 Apr 1940 "Beatrix"
26 Jun 1940 "Ina"
1949 "Novum"
1950 "Gemo"
(Gerard Montagne)
Ridder van Catsweg 43 1940-
GGA Montagne
1949 AGA vd Reep,
P vd Reep-Versloot
1950 GGA Montagne (see also "HM Montagne-Versloot")
GeWi - Plateelbakkerij Gebroeders Nijhuis Kuiperstraat
1980 Lage Gouwe 218
Gerrit & Willem Nijhuis Blue and polychrome Delft, Gouda & Jugendstil
Gloria, Aardewerkfabriek Raam 12
1968 Vest 3B
LC vd Wal (initially also A vd Wal, CL vd Wal, AJ vd Wal, and JA vd Wal)
Goedewaagen's Koninklijke Hollandse Pijpen- en Aardewerkfabrieken
1983 Goedewaagen-Gouda

1787 Keizerstraat 81
1835-1901 Hoge Gouwe 97-101
1853-1909 Raam
1907-1977 Jaagpad 8
1964 Glaslaan 29a, Nieuw Buinen
Aart Goedewaagen
A Goedewaagen II
until 1957
W Goedewaagen
until 1961
DA Goedewaagen
A Goedewaagen III
1983 Jan Kamer
2013 Yvonne Kooi
Decorative, household, and technical pottery, services, tile tableaux, mosaics, tobacco pipes. The insert shows a c.1950 Goedewaagen sailing ship brooch. The cast frame by silver smith H.Hooykaas is identical to the model used by Zenith.
GOKA Nieuwehaven 213a 1959-
Th.W. (Dirk) de Lange en G. (Gerrit) Bunschoten
Dirk de Bruin
Hand painted blue and white Delft; known decorator's marks Th and Gb.
Gouda, Aardewerkfabriek Koster Gijzensteeg 1 1949-
PJ Antheunis Decorative and household pottery, souvenirs,
Delft-and-metal marriages
Goudse Zeefdruk Industrie
1955 A.S.A.
(Aardewerk Screen Atelier)
1961 Aardewerkfabriek A.S.A.
Goudse Zeefdruk Industrie
1968 additional brand name: Goudse Keramische Industrie
1976 Gouds Keramisch Bedrijf
Oostboezemkade 5
1961 Turfmarkt 85
1962 Kattensingel 86
1973 Gouderaksedijk N 133 F, Gouderak
(later renamed
Middelblok 174)
Jan Steinvoort
1964 J Steinvoort, AJM Bogaers, JLJ Bogaers
1976 J Steinvoort,
J IJsselstein,
EA Schilperoord,
PWO vd Meer
Screen printed blue Delft and other styles. Screening of bisquit and glass. Production of transfers. (GKB closed its doors in 1981, and was reborn in Waddinxveen as
't Delftsche Huys)
Grubo, Keramische Industrie Keizerstraat 64a 1945- J de Gruyl,
G Boekkamp
later JW Zuijderhoudt
Blue Delft, souvenirs, decorative and household pottery
H. van der Werken, Aardewerk Nieuwe Gouwe OZ 11h H van der Werken
H. van Eijk 's Gravenbroekseweg 22, Reeuwijk
c.1960 Notaris d'Aumerielaan 7, Reeuwijk
Hugo van Eijk Hand thrown florist articles and household pottery
H.C. Stecher Kattensingel 15 1949- HC Stecher Flower pots, vases, decorative pottery
H.M. Montagne-Versloot, Kunstaardewerkfabriek Noordstraat 61, Bodegraven*
1966 Zuid-Einde 93, Nieuwkoop
1953- Hendrica Maria Montagne-Versloot *) From March to May 1950 this was also the address of the Gemo trading firm owned by spouse GGA Montagne
Hart van Holland, Keramisch Atelier Willens 4 1948-
Arnout Ameling Household, decorative & art pottery. Green or brown glazed promotional gin bottles and ash trays.
IJsselstein & IJsselstein, Verenigde Goudse Aardewerkfabrieken
later "IJsselstein vof"
c.1945 Turfmarkt
c.1960 Buurtje 2
Van Strijenstraat 40
c.1930 Hans IJsselstein
later Henk IJsselstein
In Scheppende Sierkunst, Aardewerkfabriek Kleiweg 40 (same address as the former Volharding factory) 1955-
G Luijerink Florist shop, and wholesale pottery activities
Inca, Kunstaardewerkfabriek Nijverheidsstraat 65 1961- D Heij Delft pottery, household porcelain
Interna, Keramische Industrie
later "R.C. Wierks Interna"
Blekerssingel 36
1965 Rutgerstraat 21
1968 moved to Bulkstraat 60, Deil
1962- Nelis Wierks
later RC Wierks
Production, wholesale, and retail of decorative pottery
Ivora - P. van der Want Gzn. (later Aardewerkfabriek v/h P. van der Want Gzn.) Kuiperstraat 22-26
Van der Palmstraat 73
1898 Ivon vd Want
1953 Willy vd Want
1965 PC van Jeveren
Blue Delft, souvenirs, lamps, vases, luxury articles
J. Nuvelsteijn
Lage Gouwe 192a 1900-
J Nuvelsteijn Luxury and decorative pottery, souvenirs, Blue Delft, decorative tiles, Delft brooch panels
J. van Erk Dorpsstraat 92, Waddinxveen J van Erk
J.C. van der Zaan, Aardewerkfabriek Cornelis Ketelstraat 42 1968-
JC vd Zaan Luxury pottery
J.P. Eikenboom & Zonen (formerly Plateelbakkerij Euterpe) Wilhelminastraat 35 1929-
JP Eikenboom †'54
1946 also
JA Eikenboom,
FE Eikenboom,
LWE Eikenboom,
Ms Jansje vd Speld-Eikenboom
1954 Ms Neeltje Eikenboom-Roos
J.R. de Gruijl, Aardewerkfabriek Zoutmansplein 7a
later Karnemelksloot 46a (same address as "De Iris")
Hans de Gruijl
J.T. Sterk Emmakade 149, Bodegraven JT Sterk Pottery souvenir clogs
Jan de Hoop Lage Gouwe Jan de Hoop
Johannes van der Berg c.1965-
MJ vd Berg Delft and Art Nouveau pieces to order
Jumbo, Plateelbakkerij (merged in 1997 with Animo/Montagne) Raam 290
1954 Buurtje 6
1960 Lange Groenendaal 72
later Sophiastraat 86
Balt van Leeuwen
later also
J van Leeuwen
Luxury and household pottery, Delft pottery, souvenirs, tile tableaux
Katja, Aardewerkfabriek Cornelis Ketelstraat 69
1962 moved to Lindenlaan, Kamerik
1955- JC Verwaal
aka "Lange Jan"
Production and wholesale of pottery products
L. de Vries 1954 Zwarteweg 29
1957 Raam 246
Loets de Vries Decorative pottery, figurines
L. Schouten, Aardewerkfabriek
later Aardewerkfabriek Schouten
1e H v Alphenstraat 2
later Marconistraat 58
Latirus Jan van Beaumont-
straat 64
Lenie, Sieraardewerkfabriek
1975 Schouten's Keramiek
Nieuwe Haven 172
1954 Robaarstraat 22
1975 Turfsingel 55-56
A & J Schouten,
JM de Jong
1954 A Schouten,
J Schouten
M. de Wit, Aardewerkfabriek (sold to Animo/Montagne in 2000) Wilhelminastraat 6
c.1970 Keizerstraat 9-14
Matthijs de Wit Blue Delft and Gouda style pottery
Madi, Kunstaardewerkfabriek Burg. Colijnstraat 69, Boskoop 1952-
W. van Bergen
1964 J. van Es
Blue, red, and polychrome Delft, screen printed and hand painted
MaDo, Keramisch Atelier
aka "KeraMado"
Rutgerstraat 7 1968-
MJ de Lange
Marjo, Pottery Nieuwehaven 100 1953-
A. van Reden Hand thrown pottery, old-Dutch style, green old-Gouda style pottery
Martavaan, Aardewerkfabriek Spieringstraat 131 1957-
JJ Both
Mathanie, Aardewerkfabriek Turfmarkt 39 1947-
1975 Simon Boot Cups and saucers, flower pots, vases, souvenirs
Midden-Holland, Plateelfabriek Eendrachtsweg 121
Modern, Aardewerkfabriek Buurtje 4 Cups and saucers, florist items, souvenirs
Modern, Aardewerkfabriek
(formerly "RIAN")
Stolkseweg 113, Haastrecht
Goudseweg 39, Haastrecht
HA Houdijck
1936 HC Stecher
1946 HC Stecher,
Dirk Broer
1949 Dirk Broer (see also "H.C. Stecher")
Modern, Sieraardewerkfabriek Koestraat 49A, Schoonhoven 1942-
GJ Verburg
Modica Keramiek Lage Gouwe 198 1969-
Frans Eikenboom Jr, Peter Eikenboom Jr (see also "Flora") Gouda and art-deco style pottery
Mohawk Pottery Westbuurstraat, Moordrecht 1955-
WF Murphy
Nederlandse Keramische Industrie (NKI) Ridder van Catsweg
1960 Wachtelstraat
1963 Peperstraat 14
Joop Noordegraaf Screen printed and (partially) hand painted delft pottery
Nelicum, Pottery
1963 Keramische Industrie G. Boekkamp
Keizerstraat 70a
1969 moved to
Keup 1, Helden (Panningen)
Gerard Boekkamp
Nieuw Leven, Kunstaardewerkfabriek
(formerly "D. van der Kist")
Zeugestraat 36
1957 Van Strijenstraat 38
D vd Kist
later Kees vd Kist
Services, plates, vases, ash trays, wall plates
Nooit Gedacht
1961 "A. van Uunen"
1962 Aardewerkfabriek "Nooit Gedacht"
Boelekade 235
Nov 1961
Lem Dulsteeg 11
A van Uunen
Nov 1961
WH van Scheppingen
AW van Scheppingen
JK Signer, P Signer
Blue and white Delft pottery
Nova, Keramisch Atelier Gouwe 203 1957-
Paulus Johannes Salari Souvenirs, corporate giftware, Arts-and-Crafts products
Nova, Pottery
July 1953 Aardewerkfabriek ERWO
Karnemelksloot 85 1953-
AJ van Erk, MH Worst, G vd Kuy
July 1953
AJ van Erk, MH Worst
Household and luxury pottery
Olthuysen, Kunstatelier Onder de Boompjes 115 Ton Olthuysen (brother of Dick Olthuysen, see "Porceletti")
Ons Ideaal, Sieraardewerkfabriek Lange Groenendaal 62 1941-
Piet Hortensius Delft, decorative and art pottery
Osirus, Plateelfabriek
later Pottery "Osirus"- Studio Hagelen
Lage Gouwe 196 1930- W vd Kroef, HJ vd Kroef
later also JG Hagelen and Ms MO Hagelen-Krickl
Contemporary pottery, Delft pottery, souvenirs, wall plates, vases, lamps, ceramic jewelry, hand printed wall tapestry
Paris Karnemelksloot 46
1957 Blekersingel 45
PMJ Spek Painting, designing, and modeling for third parties
Phedra, Kunstaardewerkfabriek Keizerstraat 10 1940-
PE vd Draaij,
PJ vd Draaij
Porceletti, Kunstatelier
Burgvlietkade 56
later Goejanverwelledijk 46
Dick Olthuysen
later his widow
Ms Olthuysen and
son Ton Olthuysen
(2001 sold to Bijl Byou, Hoogland)
Delft stones and souvenirs. The pictures show a Porceletti hand painted windmill cabochon (left) next to a transfer printed sample.
Prik, Kunstatelier P.C. Hooftstraat 5 Table lamps
Prins & Co Graaf van Bloisstraat 24a (same address as De Raaf) 1952- N Schoonderwoerd Art pottery and souvenirs
Pyramide, Pottery
1946 "A.W.J. Jongeneel"
1951 Kunstatelier Jongeneel
1952 Pottery Jongeneel
St.Anthoniestraat 20A
1951 Lage Gouwe 96
1957 Nonnenwater 5
AWJ Jongeneel †'64
1965 WR Krebaum
1983 B Krebaum
Delft pottery, wall plates
Quo Vadis, Kunstaardewerkfabriek
(Sold to Goedewaagen in 1969)
Graaf Florisweg 76
later Vierde Kade 113
later Warmoeziers-
kade 12
Th J J Rouwen Blue and red Delft, luxury articles, services, wall plates, pottery gin bottles, Delft brooch panels.


Regina - Van der Want & Barras, Kunstaardewerkfabriek
1898 "Hollandia"
1911 "Regina"
Zeugestraat 36
1918 Oosthaven 37
GF vd Want †1915 and G Barras
1906 also D vd Want
1955 OA vd Want
Tobacco pipes, decorative and household pottery, figurines, blue Delft, wall plates, memorial plates, tile tableaux, ZILPLA plateel with silver or silver plated add-ons
RIA, Kunstaardewerkfabriek Turfmarkt 95-97
1949 Tollensstraat 80
Karel and Dirk Broer
1945 Dirk Broer
Production of semi-finished pottery
Rivaltini, Aardewerk Industrie Lange Dwarsstraat 223
ROPE, Kunstaardewerlfabriek Keizerstraat 7 1947-
1961 J vd Pol
(see also "Anjo")
S.J.O. Verweij-Heus, Plateelgieterij Gouderaksedijk 31 (same address as
't Bobbertje)
Schoonhoven, Plateelbakkerij
2000 Schoonhoven Keramiek

Wal 13-15,
Molenstraat 11, Schoonhoven
2017 Goudstraat 10, Schoonhoven
1920- T Visser
1954 N Visser
1983 J Visser,
H v Dorst
1986 H v Dorst
2016 Nienke v Dorst
Decorative and household pottery, Delft and Gouda plateel, figurines, art pottery. Production nowadays largely outsourced. Schoonhoven did Delft brooch panels of varying quality. The insert shows a nice sample featuring a hollow post mill.
Sicos, Aardewerkfabriek Raam 288
Si-Jo, Aardewerkfabriek Raam 48
1969 Regulierenhof 20
SK (Simon) Hammer,
JJ (Jo) Hammer
1974 JJ Hammer
Luxury and household pottery
St. Clemens, Pottenbakkerij Vest 77 1949-
Th A M de Korte Cups and saucers, vases and bibelots, souvenirs
St. Jan, Kunstaardewerkfabriek Lage Gouwe 222 (same address as "WIJNJO") 1952-
P Verwaal,
JJ Verwaal
Production and wholesale of art pottery
Tanja, Keramiek Nieuwe Gouwe OZ 11G
Tergouw, Kunstaardewerkfabriek Turfmarkt 71
later Turfmarkt 83
J Vergoed
later A Vergoed,
L Vergoed
Delft, household and luxury pottery, florist articles
Tiko, Plateelbakkerij Turfmarkt 71
1949 Raam 144
later Bodegraafse-
straatweg 57
later Raam 156
C Spoel, J Snaterse
later B Spoel
Luxury and household pottery, vases, plates
Toscana, Keramisch Bedrijf Lange Willemsteeg Mr Koolmees
Unicum, Aardewerkfabriek Vest 81-89 1936- Dirk Sibbes
later son Leo Sibbes
Decorative pottery
Uniek, Plateelbakkerij
Starts off as Aardewerkfabriek Gouda's Kunst
c.1950 Plateelbakkerij Uniek
1958 Keramiek Uniek-De Vink (see also De Vink)
Van Strijenstraat 5
Van Strijenstraat 21
1938- M Vuyk
H Vuyk and
JF de Vink
Delft, decorative and household pottery, souvenirs
Van Katwijk, Atelier
1977 Firma "Frans van Katwijk"

Walestraat 14 1946-
F v Katwijk †'52
W v Katwijk
W Lammers
AM v Katwijk-Boot
1977 Jack de Wit
later Peter and Hans de Wit
Delft pottery, hand painted and screen printed Delft brooch panels. The insert shows a high quality early sample.
Van Reede, Aardewerkfabriek Burg. Gaarlandtsingel 34 1964-
A van Reede
Van Woerden Aardewerk
1974 Vest Keramiek
Raam, Gouda
1974 Vest, Gouda
later moved to Canada
1963- Marius and Hugo van Woerden
Verguno, Aardewerkfabriek Tweede Kade 42 1953-
JJ Vergunst
Victory, Aardewerkfabriek Komijnsteeg 8A
Koekoekstraat 73
J de Jong
1953 J de Jong,
AH de Jong
1955 J de Jong
Volharding, Kunstaardewerkfabriek
(1947 renamed Keramische Industrie Fris)
Kleiweg 40
1945 moved to Edam
1947 (1969)
Jacob Rust,
FA vd Koolwijk,
G Westenberg
1943 Gerrit Fris (main designer Willem de Vries)
Hand thrown pottery.
(The Fris studio produced mostly stylish modern serviceware)
Wessels Wederikplantsoen 38 Souvenirs, promotional articles, flower pots, etc.
(de Wit, Gouda)

1971 Keizerstraat
Peperstraat 34-38
c.1989 Noordkade, Waddinxveen
JJ (Hans) de Wit
In 1998 reborn as VASA Ceramics, owner Hans Montagne.
Producers of cast flower pots, lamp bases, and animal figurines
WIJNJO, Keramisch Bedrijf Lage Gouwe 222-226
WIKO, Aardewerkfabriek Dorpsstraat 6, Moordrecht
Wilnes, Aardewerkfabriek Spieringstraat 131 1959-
Ms Willy van Nes
Zenith, Fa. P.J. van der Want Azn.
Nieuwe Haven, Gouda
Keizerstraat 10-12
1915 Prins Hendrik-
straat 99-101
A vd Want
D vd Want
OA vd Want
Tobacco pipes, blue Delft, tile tableaux, Gouda plateel, etc. The insert shows a Zenith model 866 flower basket brooch by HC de Jong, who also was a decorator for Verwoerd. See our section on The Verwoerd Painters
Zuid-Holland NV, Koninklijke Plateelbakkerij
Verlorenkost 7 1898-
E Estié, A Jonker
1903 E Estié,
BJC Hoyng
1905 BJC Hoyng
WA (Willy) Hoyng
JJ Lammers
?-1957 Wout Hoyng (production manager)
1957 J Klint,
AH de Bruin
1962 Ms AWG Klint-Liefers, AH de Bruin,
R de Bruijn
Decorative & household pottery, Gouda plateel, blue Delft, tile tableaux. Plateelbakkerij Zuid-Holland (PZH) is famous for its Art Nouveau and Gouda pottery. The insert shows a small PZH trinket vase decorated by then 14 year old Cornelis Verwoerd in 1927, the year he became a PZH painter's apprentice.
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