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Have you got a question on Delft medallions? Do you want to make a comment on the content of this site? Do you want to use any of the copyrighted material? Please feel free to contact our helpdesk.

We may be able to help you establish whether your piece is hand painted and a genuine Verwoerd, and give an indication of its relative scarcity. If it is by another factory, does the maker feature in our Delft Signatures Guide or in The Gouda Pottery List? We do not provide fiction. If we don't know, if further research is necessary, we will simply say so.

Do not send us any items. It may be sufficient when you present sharp pictures of the face and the reverse of the medallion, eventually showing the "Delfts" signature. If the pictures are blurred or too small we may not be able to identify the item. You may also want to add the diameter, or the length and width of the medallion in millimeters (not counting the silver setting) or the equivalent in inches. We would also appreciate a first name to reply to. Please send your request to helpdesk at verwoerdceramics dot com.

We provide our information free of charge, but we are not purchasing consultants and cannot answer questions about items on eBay or similar sites. Please contact our helpdesk before you list your item. We regret that we cannot give any valuations, estimates, or insurance values.

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Browser compatibility remains a major issue, and some browsers are more critical than others. The museum site has been tested in most current browsers. Please inform us when you encounter any other problems.


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Museum Support
The Verwoerd Ceramics Online museum undertakes to promote and exhibit its collection. Public museums interested in exhibiting items from our collection, or in acquiring items from the museum surplus can contact us at info at verwoerdceramics dot com.

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The Verwoerd Ceramics museum is run by volunteers who spend many hours finding and studying Delft jewelry pieces, researching archives, and locating and contacting silversmiths and former pottery staff. We aim at sharing our knowledge with collectors and professional dealers alike. You can support the research and publications of Verwoerd Ceramics Online by clicking the button below, and making a small donation of your choice. Thank you for visiting our site!